Traveling During the Holidays? Know the Law

Planning on doing any traveling over the holidays and carrying a firearm?  Do your research prior to crossing state lines.  Despite several attempts at the federal level, there are no national laws governing conceal carry (or possession, for that matter) of firearms.  That’s handguns, rifles, and other weapons for anyone, with some limited exceptions for active and retired law enforcement.

Saying that the gun laws are a “patchwork” across the country is an understatement.  In certain states, it is very difficult to understand what is and what is not allowed, who many carry and who may not, and what one may carry and what one may not.  Think about magazine capacities – driving over a state line to go hunting with the wrong size magazine may result in an arrest and felony conviction!

A good place to begin researching guns laws is the NRA-ILA  page Guide to the Interstate Transportation of Firearms (  The site contains information about federal protections about traveling with firearms and also provides details about each state’s own laws.  Be warned – this site is not the final answer on any questions you may have.  It is your responsibility to know the laws where you possess firearms.

Happy holidays!  Travel safely and wisely.